Major Changes After OB41 Update in Free Fire

Free Fire Max has launched the OB41 update with an advanced server. After playing on this server, players have noticed some significant changes in the game, which we’ve included in this post. If you’re eager to know about the changes coming after this update, make sure to read this post until the end.

Major Changes After the OB41 Update

Recent Visitors Feature: With the OB41 update, you can now see who has visited your profile under the new “Recent Visitors” option. This allows you to keep track of who’s checking out your profile.

Recover Guest Account: After the OB41 update, you can recover your guest account. This means you won’t have to worry about losing your previous progress anymore.

Major Changes After OB41 Update in Free Fire

Nano Vest in Bermuda Map: The Bermuda map will now have the Nano Vest available after the update, with a capacity of 250 HP. Equipping this will make your character more powerful.

Double USP on First Landing: After the OB41 update, when you land for the first time, you’ll receive a Double USP. This will give you more firepower in the early stages of the game.

Jobi and Loot in Rank Mode: With the OB41 update, a new character called “Jobi” will be introduced in Rank Mode. Eliminating players with Jobi will reward you with loot, adding excitement and rewards to the gameplay.

Bot Plan on Training Ground: The update will add bots to the Training Ground, allowing you to practice and improve your skills.

Unlock Loot House in Rank Mode Without a Key: After the OB41 update, in Rank Mode, you can now unlock loot houses without a key, saving you time and making the game more convenient.

Zombie Hunt Double Evil Mode: The OB41 update will introduce the Zombie Hunt Double Evil mode in Free Fire, offering players a thrilling and engaging gameplay experience.

Air Ship Returns in Bermuda Map: After the update, the Air Ship will make a comeback in the Bermuda map, adding more excitement and variety to the gameplay.

New Character – Developer Suzy: With the OB41 update, a new character named “Developer Suzy” will be launched. Her passive ability will reward you with coins for each kill, making the game more challenging and rewarding.

Changes in Bermuda Map: The OB41 update will bring some changes to the Peak and Factory locations in the Bermuda map, making it more visually appealing and interesting.

zombies and Loot in Rank Mode: In Rank Mode, zombies will appear after the OB41 update, rewarding players with loot for each elimination, bringing in new colours and excitement to the game.

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The OB41 update brings some exciting changes for players. Embrace this update with enthusiasm and enjoy a better gaming experience with your fellow players. We hope you liked this article. If you have any updates related to the OB41 update, feel free to share them in the comments. Thank you for reading this post until the end.