Free Fire August Month Booyah Pass

The developers of Free Fire have launched a new Booyah pass. We will be sharing the photos and names of the rewards from this Booyah pass and also provide information about the Ring event that has arrived in Free Fire. If you are someone who collects every Booyah pass in Free Fire, then read this post till the end.

Synthetic Strike Booyah Pass Rewards

free fire august booyah pass rewards

The name of this Booyah pass of the month of August is “Synthetic Strike.” All the rewards available in this Booyah Pass are as follows.

  • At level 1 of this Booyah pass, there is the Sonia character.
  • At level 10, the Tech Flow Bundle has been included, which has impressive animations.
  • At level 20, a banner named “Synthetic Surge Banner” is included.
  • At level 30, there is a Loot box named “Wisdom Container.”
  • At level 40, a Motorbike skin called “Wisdom Cruiser” is included.
  • At level 50, a bundle named “Foam Of Wisdom Bundle” is included. This bundle can be customized.
  • At level 60, an Avatar named “Synthetic Surge” is included.
  • At level 70, a Grenade skin named “Wisdom Explosion” is included, which looks great.
  • At level 80, a Skateboard skin named “Riding On Wisdom” is included.
  • At level 100, a gun skin is included, and its name and attributes are as follows: Famas – Wisdom’s Vision Range ++, Movement speed +, Accuracy –
  • At level 130, a Katana skin named “Wisdom’s Edge” is included.
  • At level 140, a Backpack skin named “Weight Of Wisdom” is included.
  • At level 150, an Emote named “Wisdom Swing” is included.

Premium Plus Promo Ring Event

In addition to this Booyah pass, a Ring event has also been launched, which includes this Booyah pass.

The name of this Ring event is “Premium Plus Promo.” In this ring event, it costs 9 diamonds for one spin and 90 diamonds for 10+1 spins.

In this Ring event, the Booyah Pass Premium Plus is included as the Grand Reward. You can spin and get it, and in this Ring event, you also earn tokens that can be exchanged for the Booyah pass.

To exchange for Booyah Pass Premium Plus, you need 200 tokens.

To exchange for Booyah Pass Premium, you need 125 tokens.

Apart from these two Booyah passes, you can also exchange for other rewards:

  • BP S7 Box
  • EXP Card ×100
  • BP S7 Token

We hope you liked the information about this Booyah Pass and Ring event. If you want to read posts about similar events, you can enable notifications on our website.

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