Ajjubhai Face Reveal: Total Gaming aka Ajju Bhai reveals his face, see

The much-anticipated moment arrived when the gaming sensation, Ajjubhai, unveiled his face in cinematic grandeur. Known as the foremost Free Fire YouTuber in India and one of the largest gaming personalities globally, Ajjubhai, alias Total Gaming, revealed his face on December 30, 2023, at 9:30 AM on his YouTube channel. Fans had ardently awaited this revelation, fervently following his social media accounts and YouTube channel for glimpses of this significant unveiling.

Ajjubhai Face

Ajjubhai commenced the momentous reveal by sharing snippets of his gaming journey, culminating in the dramatic revelation of his face. Alongside the unveiling, he disclosed his real name as Ajendra Variya, contrary to the assumed name ‘Ajjubhai,’ unraveling the personal aspect behind the virtual persona.

Who is Ajjubhai?

Ajjubhai stands tall as a prominent Free Fire player, crafting engaging content related to the game for the past five years. His YouTube channel, ‘Total Gaming,’ boasts a staggering subscriber count exceeding 3.74 crore, making him the preeminent Free Fire content creator globally. He ascended to this pinnacle solely through his distinctive voice, captivating his audience with gaming commentary until now.

Peeking into Ajjubhai’s Personal Life

Ajjubhai total gaming face reveal
Ajjubhai Face Reveal

While maintaining privacy, Ajjubhai revealed residing in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and holds expertise in computer engineering, working as a software engineer before venturing into YouTube in 2017. His channel primarily focused on Free Fire-related content until the recent face reveal, hinting at a potential sharing of more personal details with his loyal fanbase.

A Legacy in Free Fire Content Creation

Ajjubhai stands unparalleled as the most significant Free Fire content creator worldwide, achieving unprecedented subscriber milestones in the gaming category within a remarkably short duration.


The unveiling of Ajjubhai’s face marks a pivotal moment not just for the gaming community but also for his devoted fanbase, offering a glimpse beyond the virtual avatar. His journey from anonymity to fame and the colossal impact he’s made in the gaming sphere cements Ajjubhai as an icon, leaving an indelible mark in the world of Free Fire content creation. As he embarks on this new phase of content creation with face-centric videos, the legacy of Ajjubhai continues to evolve, captivating audiences worldwide.

Ajjubhai Face Reveal Video

Ajjubhai Face Reveal Video

By amalgamating the excitement of the face reveal with insights into Ajjubhai’s life and influence, this article celebrates a pivotal moment in the gaming world while providing a comprehensive overview of the iconic figure behind Total Gaming.

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