6 Tips and Tricks to Level Up Quickly in Free Fire

If you’re a Free Fire player, you know the excitement and thrill of playing this popular battle royale game. But you’ve started a new account in Free Fire Max, and your previous high-level Free Fire ID is banned. This situation can leave you feeling like a beginner again, as your new account might have a significantly lower level than what you’re used to. However, fear not! We’ve got some valuable tips and strategies to help you level up quickly in Free Fire Max and regain your competitive edge.

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The Challenge of Starting Anew

Starting over in any game can be a challenging and sometimes frustrating experience, especially when it comes to a game as competitive as Free Fire Max. New accounts often start at lower levels, leading to a perception of being less experienced or skilled, similar to how beginners are sometimes referred to as “noobs.” To overcome this and quickly level up, let’s delve into strategies that can help you gain an advantage and boost your rank.

Understanding Experience Points (EXP) in Free Fire Max

Before diving into the strategies, let’s understand the role of Experience Points (EXP) in Free Fire Max. EXP is crucial for levelling up, and it’s earned at the end of each match. The more EXP you accumulate, the higher your level becomes. So, the question is: How can you maximize your EXP gains and level up faster?

Strategies to Level Up Faster

Survive Longer for More EXP

Survival is key in Free Fire Max. The longer you survive in a match, the more opportunities you have to earn EXP. Staying alive until the end of the match grants you valuable EXP points, contributing significantly to your levelling progress.

Perform Well and Win Matches

Your in-game performance matters. Eliminating opponents, assisting teammates, and achieving a high rank contribute to your EXP earnings. Winning matches, in particular, awards you with a considerable amount of EXP. Victory not only feels rewarding but also aids in rapid-level advancement.

Opt for the BR Rank Mode

If you’re aiming to level up swiftly, focus on the Battle Royale (BR) Rank mode. This mode offers enhanced EXP gains compared to other modes. By consistently participating in BR Rank matches and performing well, you can amass EXP and climb the ranks more rapidly.

Choose Your Landing Zone Wisely

Strategically selecting your landing zone can impact your survival and EXP earnings. Landing in less crowded areas or near the map’s edges reduces the chances of encountering opponents early in the match. This increases your chances of staying alive longer, thereby allowing you to accumulate more EXP.

Use EXP Booster Cards

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EXP Booster Cards are valuable assets in your journey to level up faster. These cards amplify the amount of EXP you earn after a match. There are two types of cards: the Double EXP card, which doubles your EXP earnings, and the 50% EXP card, which increases your earnings by 50%. Investing Diamonds to acquire these cards can be a strategic move to boost your progress.

Engage in Full Map Modes

Larger map modes, such as Bermuda, Bermuda Remastered, Kalahari, Nexterra and Purgatory, offer increased opportunities for gaining EXP. Due to the extended playtime and larger player count, these modes yield higher EXP rewards. Engaging in these modes can be a lucrative strategy for levelling up efficiently.

What is the highest level in Free Fire?

the highest level in Free Fire is Level 100. However, the game’s developers may have introduced higher levels or changes since then.

Who is the No 1 Free Fire player?

The No. 1 Free Fire player is Mr Ajay Boss. his free fire id is 1448517634. The No. 1 Free Fire player can vary depending on the region, server, and leaderboard at any given time. Rankings can change frequently due to the competitive nature of the game.

What are the levels in Free Fire?

In Free Fire, players progress through a series of levels by earning Experience Points (EXP). The levels help represent a player’s experience and skill within the game. The specific names and rewards associated with each level can differ.

Who has 100 level in Free Fire?

Regarding the player having level 100 in Free Fire, there are many players. Ice cold ff is the first free fire player in India to reach level 100. whose free fire uid is 646279026.


Embarking on a new Free Fire Max account may initially feel like starting from scratch. However, armed with the right strategies and techniques, you can swiftly level up and reclaim your prowess on the battlefield. Remember that experience points are the currency for progression, and every match is an opportunity to enhance your skills and climb the ranks. By surviving longer, performing well, utilizing EXP booster cards, and engaging in the right modes, you’ll soon find yourself rising through the levels and regaining your status as a seasoned Free Fire Max player. So, equip yourself with these strategies and embark on your journey to level up and conquer Free Fire Max!

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