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Sigma Battle Royale game which is also known as Sigma Free Fire, ever since this game was launched in the market many players are trying to download this battle royale game and many players are also playing this game.

If you also want to download and play Sigma Free Fire and enjoy Sigma Game, then read this post till the end. In this post, you have been given complete information about how to download Sigma Free Fire Lite i.e. Sigma Battle Royale which is also known as Sigma Game and how to update Sigma Game.

If you do not know much about the Sigma Free Fire game, then before downloading it, some information can be useful for you.

In this post, first, you will give complete information about the sigma game and then download the sigma free fire game.

Sigma battle royale | What is Sigma Free Fire Lite?

sigma free fire game loby

Sigma battle royale(Sigma Free Fire Lite) is a battle royale game very similar to Free Fire Battle RoyaleSigma Game looks exactly like Free Fire, due to which many players also call it Sigma Free Fire Lite.

Sigma Free Fire was first seen on the internet on 21 November 2022 and the game was launched in the market on the same day. Within 1 to 2 days of the launch of the game, the Sigma game became very viral and the game started being discussed all over India.

The size of Sigma Free Fire Lite was so small that it can easily play this battle royale game even on mobile with 2GB Ram. The graphics of this game were cartoon-like, due to which the size of this game is very small.

In short, Sigma Game has been created by some developers by copying the source code of Free Fire and named it Sigma Free Fire.

Who created Sigma Free Fire?

sigma game banner

Who made Sigma Game and which country made it, it has not been leaked yet because this game has been made with the help of the source code of Free Fire.

It is illegal to use the source code of any game without its permission, that’s why the developers of Sigma Free Fire did not release their company or their team to the world.

In many places you will find the name of the developers company of sigma game, but the company of this name is not listed anywhere.

As far as it is known, this game has been made by some developers together and these developers are from Asian countries only, it is believed that this game has been made by the developers of Singapore country or its nearby countries.

So far there is no concrete information about which country has made Sigma Free Fire and who are its developers. Just once this game came in Google Play Store and has become quite famous.

Come on, now you must have come to know about the sigma free fire game, what is this game and who made this game, if you want to download the apk of sigma free fire, then by following the steps given below, you can You can download it.

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Sigma Free Fire Download | Sigma Battle Royale Apk 2023

You will not find Sigma Battle Royale Apk on Google Play Store or App Store because it is an Illegal apk. This app is illegal because this game is made using the source code of Free Fire, due to which Sigma Game seems to be a copy of Free Fire, due to which it has been removed from all official app stores.

Let me tell you that you cannot make another game by copying any Battle Royale game, but Sigma Game Developers did this, due to which you will not find this game on any official App Store.

How To Download and Install Sigma Free Fire

You will need any web browser to download Sigma Free Fire, you can also use Google.

Follow the steps given below to download Sigma Free Fire.

  • You will see the button to download Sigma Free Fire below, click on it.
  • Your Sigma Battle Royale Apk Download will start as soon as you click on the download button.
  • After the sigma apk is downloaded, find it in the file manager.
  • Click on Sigma apk above and install it.
  • Now open Sigma game and enjoy the game.
App NameSigma Free Fire
Download Size223Mb
Updated on1 January 2023
Required OsAndroid 5.0 and Up
Release On21 November 2022

Sigma game update

After the launch of Sigma Game, the developers have not launched any update yet. Legal action taken by Garena Free Fire for not launching Sigma game update.

Within a few days of the launch of Sigma Game, Garena Free Fire has filed a case against Sigma Game and because of this the developers of Sigma Game are not launching its new version.

Due to the ongoing case on Sigma Game, its developers are probably not launching its updated version. If any update comes in the game, we will definitely inform you.

Sigma Free Fire Lite Download

Sigma Game is considered by many players as Free Fire Lite, they think that Sigma Free Fire Lite apk is the same game of Garena Free Fire but it is not so. Sigma Game is created by another developer.

At present, many major changes have been made in Garena Free Fire and its graphics have also been improved, due to which the size of the game has increased a lot, due to which people with less RAM Free fire is not working properly in mobile.

No information has been received from Garena to release Free Fire Lite yet, but Free Fire Lite will definitely be launched in a short time for low end devices.

There is no guarantee when Free Fire Lite will be launched but it will definitely be launched.

Sigma Free Fire Game Download For Pc

sigma free fire map

If you are a PC player or you want to play Sigma Free Fire by downloading it on your PC, then let us know how you can play it.

Follow the steps given below to download Sigma Free Fire Game on PC.

  • Download any emulator on your PC.
  • After the emulator is downloaded, open it.
  • Open Chrome in whatever emulator you have downloaded.
  • Now further you have to do exactly the steps mentioned in mobile in your PC.

If you do not want to follow this step, then you can download the Sigma game by opening Chrome directly on your PC and play it by putting it in the emulator.

Should you download Sigma Free Fire (Sigma Game)?

sigma game gameplay

At present, many players have the Sigma game, so many players want to download the Sigma game. But before downloading sigma free fire you should keep the below points in mind.

  • Sigma game was not made by any official gaming company.
  • This game has been created by some developers together using the source code of Free Fire which is illegal.
  • You will not find Sigma Free Fire on any official app store.
  • Garena Free Fire has also done a case of copying on Sigma game.

If you believe us, then do not download this game because this game was not made by any big company and this game does not follow the term and condition of Google.

If you still want to download this game, then this game can be harmful for your mobile.

We are advising you not to download Sigma Game completely. If you want to download it at your own risk then you can.


We have only given information about Sigma Free Fire (Sigma Game) through this post, we are not promoting this game and not asking you to download it.

We just came to tell you the truth of Sigma Game through this post and you must have known it. If any big scam or any accident happens to you by downloading this sigma game then we are not responsible for it. We recommend you to stay away from this app.

Hope you have liked this post of ours on Sigma Free Fire, if you want to read the information about the Sigma game or its related updates first, then you can turn on the notification of our website. Thanks for reading the post till the end.

Sigma Free Fire FAQ

Which game copy of free fire?

Sigma Game is a copy game of Free Fire, Sigma Game was launched on 21 November 2022. This game is only 250MB, and it runs easily on any mobile.