Battle of Mobile Games: PUBG vs Free Fire – Which Is Better?

Since the arrival of PUBG and Free Fire in the market, people have been comparing these two games. Both games offer different things and compete with each other. Today, we will find out which game is better: PUBG or Free Fire.

Free Fire Vs PUBG

We will look at things like the size of the apps, graphics, mobile support, downloads, active players, ratings, and more for both games. After reading this, you can decide for yourself which game is better: PUBG or Free Fire.

free fire max vs bgmi

PUBG and Free Fire are the first games that many mobile players got into. They are both battle royale games and became very popular.

Let’s compare the two games so that you can know which one is better for you. First, let’s see when both games were launched.

Launch Dates of PUBG and Free Fire

PUBG was first launched for PC. At first, you couldn’t play PUBG on mobile. PUBG PC came out on March 23, 2017. PUBG was released for Android and iOS on March 19, 2018.

Free Fire was made for mobile and it came out on December 4, 2017. Free Fire was available on mobile before PUBG.

How Popular are PUBG and Free Fire?

When PUBG was released, the company marketed it a lot and made people want to play it. The people behind PUBG did a lot of marketing, and this made the whole world know about it. People liked PUBG a lot, and it’s still popular today.

When Free Fire first came out, its company didn’t market it as much. So, not many people knew about it and it wasn’t that popular.

But when the company realized that they need to tell more people about the game, they started marketing Free Fire more.

Because Free Fire is a smaller game, it was easy for everyone to download and play it, and people liked it.

Sizes of PUBG and Free Fire

PUBG Mobile takes up about 2GB of space, while Free Fire is only around 600MB.

Free Fire’s smaller size made it good for people with phones that didn’t have a lot of space. Free Fire became popular because it could run on phones with less power.

Total downloads of PUBG and Free Fire

Even though both games got banned in India, they were brought back with new names: BGMI (for PUBG) and Free Fire Max.

BGMI was downloaded by more than 50 crore people in India. Free Fire Max was downloaded by more than 10 crore people in India.

Ratings of PUBG and Free Fire

PUBG looks very good and real, and that’s why many people gave it a 4.4-star rating out of 5, with over 45 lakh reviews. Free Fire has a 4.2-star rating with more than 1 crore reviews.

Graphics of PUBG and Free Fire

PUBG has very good graphics that look real. Free Fire’s graphics used to be more like cartoons, but they got better now. In terms of looks, PUBG Mobile is better.

In the end, both PUBG and Free Fire are liked by different people. PUBG has good looks and a real feel, while Free Fire is small and works on most phones. The one you like more depends on what you want and what your phone can do.