How to get Special Airdrop Repeatedly in Free Fire

If you get the cheapest diamonds in Free Fire Max, they are available in the Special Airdrop. In this Special Airdrop, you get 299 diamonds for just ₹9 to ₹30, along with 5 legendary gun skin boxes.

All Free Fire players must have come across the ₹30 Special Airdrop, and many have also taken advantage of this offer. However, this ₹30 Special Airdrop is quite rare. But in today’s post, we will share some methods that will help you bring this ₹30 Airdrop repeatedly.

How to get Special Airdrop in Free Fire

free fire 30 rupees special airdrop

To bring the ₹30 Special Airdrop in the game, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open Free Fire Max and delete all downloaded data.
  2. Go to the character section and select the “Nulla” character.
  3. Go to the pet section and select “Falco.”
  4. Remove all emotes.
  5. Keep all gun skins as normal skins.
  6. Set all vehicle skins to normal.
  7. Log out of the game and log in again.
  8. After logging back in, go to the Gold Royale and spin 10 times.
  9. Before playing the game, remove all items from the loadout and play one game in Classic Full Map mode.
  10. Achieve a Booyah in Classic mode. Play a total of 2-3 matches in Classic Full Map mode.
  11. After playing a few matches, when you return to the game lobby, you will receive the ₹30 Special Airdrop.

These were the steps to follow in order to bring the ₹30 Special Airdrop to your game.

If you haven’t opened the game for a long time and when you open it after a significant period, you will receive the ₹30 Special Airdrop immediately.

There are several Special Airdrops available in the game at different prices. The ₹9 Special Airdrop was the cheapest one available a year ago, but now the ₹30 Special Airdrop is the most affordable. Apart from that, there are many other Airdrops in the game, but their prices are much higher, ranging from ₹100 to ₹500.

Special Airdrop Rewards

free fire special airdrop rewards

Special Airdrops in Free Fire can contain a variety of valuable and exclusive rewards. Some of the rewards that can be included in Special Airdrops are:

  1. Diamonds: The primary in-game currency used to purchase various items, including characters, skins, crates, and more.
  2. Legendary Skins: Rare and highly sought-after skins for weapons, characters, pets, and other in-game items.
  3. Exclusive Outfits: Unique costumes and outfits for characters, providing a distinctive appearance.
  4. Rare Accessories: Special accessories such as hats, masks, glasses, and backpacks that can further customize the character’s appearance.
  5. Epic Weapon Upgrades: Powerful enhancements for weapons, including unique attachments and visual modifications.
  6. Limited Edition Bundles: Complete sets of themed outfits, combining multiple items for a cohesive look.
  7. Rare Emotes: Animated gestures and actions that allow players to express themselves in unique ways.
  8. Exclusive Vehicles: Special vehicle skins or unique vehicles with enhanced capabilities.

It’s important to note that the specific rewards included in Special Airdrops can vary based on the game’s current events, promotions, and updates. Players should keep an eye on the in-game announcements and event details to know the exact rewards available in each Special Airdrop.

How to claim a Special Airdrop

  1. First, click on the Special Airdrop.
  2. Click on the amount of money for the Airdrop.
  3. Choose any preferred payment method, such as net banking, UPI, etc.
  4. Make the payment for the chosen amount.
  5. All the rewards available in the Special Airdrop will be added to your Free Fire account.

If you are unsure about how to claim the Special Airdrop, you can ask a friend to help you claim it. Please avoid using any third-party websites or apps as they may lead to scams.

We hope you liked this How to Get Special Airdrop Repeatedly in Free Fire.