Free Fire Max New AC80 × Parafal Ring Luck Royale

In Free Fire Max, a new Luck Royale has been introduced called “AC80 × Parafal Ring.” In this Luck Royale, the grand prize is a gun skin.

To participate in this Luck Royale, you need to spin. One spin costs 20 diamonds, and 10+1 spins cost 200 diamonds. You can only get two gun skins if you have 1500 to 2000 diamonds. If you have fewer diamonds, it’s not advisable to spin as it may waste your diamonds.

Free Fire AC80 × Parafal  Ring luck royale

Keep spinning until you receive all the rewards. Tokens are also available, and you can exchange them to get the gun skins. The list of prizes in this Luck Royale includes:

  1. Parafal – Windrift Undying: Range +, Armor penetration ++, Accuracy –
  2. Parafal – Flames Undying: Damage ++, Armor penetration +, Magazine –
  3. AC80 – Phantasmal Touch: Armor penetration ++, Range +, Magazine –
  4. AC80 – Phantasmal Claws: Rate of fire +, Range ++, Magazine –
Free Fire AC80 × Parafal Ring event

In addition to these four gun skins, you can also exchange tokens for three more gun skins:

  1. Parafal – Electron Undying: Rate of fire +, Range ++, Reload speed –
  2. Parafal – Firespark Undying: Rate of fire +, Accuracy ++, Magazine –
  3. AC80 – Phantasmal Grasp: Damage +, Reload speed ++, Movement speed –

Apart from the gun skins, you can also exchange tokens for Name Room Cards, Gun Boxes, and Cube Fragments.

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