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The size of the Garena Free Fire game has increased significantly over time, making it difficult for players to play it on low-end devices. This is why many players want to download Free Fire Lite instead.

The game data in Garena Free Fire has increased significantly, making it impossible to play on low-end devices. Even if players manage to play it, the game crashes or lags frequently.

Free fire lite download

Many players are abandoning Free Fire due to the frequent lagging issues and opting for alternative battle royale games. In this scenario, many players are discussing the release date of Free Fire Lite and how to download it.

If you also want to download Free Fire Lite and play it on your low-end device, then read this post till the end. This post contains a lot of information about downloading Free Fire Lite.

If you are not familiar with Free Fire Lite, let’s first understand what it is and then learn how to download it.

What is Free Fire Lite?

free fire lite gameplay

If a big-size app doesn’t work on a mobile device with low RAM, then a separate smaller app is created for such mobile devices, which is of much smaller size. Such a small app is called a “Lite” app.

When Garena Free Fire was launched, it had a small size, which made it easy to run on mobile devices with low RAM. But nowadays, the game data in Free Fire has increased significantly, which has led to its size increasing considerably.

If you have downloaded all the data of Free Fire, its size will be around 3.6 GB, and it will be difficult to play such a large game on a mobile device with 2 GB or 3 GB of RAM. Therefore, Free Fire needs to have a Lite app. That’s why Free Fire Lite was launched in the market. Let’s now find out how to download it.

Free Fire Lite Download 

Some time ago, a game called Sigma Game became quite popular on the internet, which was similar to the Free Fire game. Many players were calling this game Free Fire Lite, while others knew it as Sigma Free Fire game.

It’s worth noting that Garena Company did not develop the Sigma Free Fire game. Some developers illegally used the source code of Free Fire to create this game.

However, just 2 days after its launch, the Sigma Free Fire game was banned because it was created using illegal methods. The old version of the game is still available on the internet, but it is not recommended to download it as it may contain security risks. If you still want to download it, then below are some steps that have to be followed.

  • Click on the download button provided at the end of the post.
  • Clicking on the download button will download the Free Fire Lite apk.
  • Find it in your device’s file manager and install it.
  • Play and enjoy Free Fire Lite.

It should be noted that Free Fire Lite has not yet been launched. The game mentioned above is Sigma Game, which was created by copying the source code of Free Fire, hence it looks just like Free Fire.

Now, if you want to know when the official Free Fire Lite will be launched, let’s find out when Free Fire Lite can be launched.

Free Fire Lite Release Date

Free Fire developers have not provided any information regarding the release of Free Fire Lite, nor have they ever talked about launching Free Fire Lite.

Sigma Game is a copy game of Free Fire that has been created by several hackers illegally. So, if you are considering Sigma as the Free Fire Lite app, then you are mistaken.

As for the release date of Free Fire Lite, it is not certain as Garena has not provided any updates about it. However, its announcement can be expected in a little while.

Can Free Fire Lite be launched in 2023?

Free Fire game has been launched for 5 years now, and with time, the size of this game has also increased. Therefore, developers must launch the Free Fire Lite app.

In 2023, we might see many changes in Garena Free Fire and it is possible that amidst these changes, Free Fire developers might launch the Free Fire Lite.

Many players are facing difficulty in playing Free Fire on their mobile devices, which is resulting in a decrease in the number of Free Fire players. To solve this problem, Garena will have to launch the Free Fire Lite app. However, so far, the Garena team has not given any information about its announcement.

Free Fire Lite Play Store

Free Fire Lite is not yet launched, so it is not available on Google Play Store.

Some time ago, an app called Sigma Game, which was similar to Free Fire Lite, was available on Google Play Store. However, this app was created by a hacker illegally without Garena’s permission, and therefore, it was removed from Google Play Store. Sigma Game can be downloaded directly from the internet. The steps to download it have been mentioned above.


We hope you enjoyed our post on Free Fire Lite and that you also learned about its release date. In this post, we mentioned Sigma Free Fire, which is illegal. We do not recommend downloading it, and we only provided information about Sigma Free Fire.

Game NameFree Fire Lite
Download Size223Mb
Updated on31 October 2023

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Free Fire Lite FAQ

  1. How do I install Free Fire Lite?

    As of now, there is no official version of Free Fire Lite available for download. However, there is a third-party app called Sigma Game that claims to be a lightweight version of Free Fire. Please note that this app is not endorsed or authorized by Garena, and downloading and using it is at your own risk.

    To install Sigma Game on your Android device, you can follow these steps:

    Go to your device’s Settings and select Security.
    Enable “Unknown sources” to allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store.
    Download the Sigma Game APK file from a trusted website.
    Open the APK file and tap “Install.”
    Wait for the installation process to finish.
    Once installed, open the app and log in with your Free Fire account.

    Again, please keep in mind that using third-party apps carries certain risks and is not recommended. It is always safer to stick to official app stores and authorized versions of apps.

  2. Is Free Fire Lite launched?

    Free Fire Lite had not been officially launched. However, the game may have since been launched. You can check the Google Play Store or the official Garena Free Fire website for more information on the availability of Free Fire Lite.

  3. How to download FF Lite Sigma?

    We do not recommend downloading FF Lite Sigma or any other unauthorized version of Free Fire, as it may harm your device and compromise your data security. It is always advisable to download games and applications from authorized sources such as Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  4. Is Free Fire Lite legal?

    There is no official version of Free Fire Lite launched by Garena yet. Any version of Free Fire Lite found online, including Sigma Free Fire, is not the official release and may be illegal. It is not recommended to download or use any unofficial versions of the game as they may contain viruses, malware, or be designed to steal personal information.