Free Fire August Booyah Pass 2023 (Season 8)

Garena Free Fire Max’s August Month Booyah Pass Season 8 leaks have surfaced. The rewards for the August Month Booyah Pass have been revealed in this post. If you want to see all the rewards for the Free Fire Max August Booyah Pass, then read this post till the end.

August Month Booyah Pass (Booyah Pass Season 8)

August Booyah Pass Synthetic Strike

As you can see from the thumbnails in this post, the Booyah pass is blue-themed for the month of August. The name of this booyah pass of Season 8, which will be launched in August, is Synthetic Strike.

All the rewards in this Booyah Pass are based on the theme of Synthetic Strike. You can see the rewards that will be available in the Booyah Pass for Season 8, which will be launched in August , below.

Booyah Pass Season 8 Rewards

You must be aware that in the Booyah Pass, you get two male bundles and one female bundle as the Grand Reward, along with loot boxes, gun skins, skateboard, and backpack skins. All the rewards for Booyah Pass Season 8 will be as follows.

Grand Reward

  • Level 1: FAMAS Wisdom’s Vision (30 days)
  • Level 10: Wining Insight Pants (free) and Foam of Wisdom Bundle
  • Level 20: Synthetic Strike Avatar (free) and Synthetic Surge Avatar
  • Level 30: Wisdom Container Loot Box
  • Level 40: Motorbike Wisdom Cruiser
  • Level 50: Wisdom Parachute (free) and Tech Flow Bundle
  • Level 60: Synthetic Strike Banner (free) and Synthetic Surge Banner
  • Level 70: Riding on Wisdom Skyboard
  • Level 80: Grenade – Wisdom Explosion
  • Level 100: FAMAS Wisdom’s Vision
  • Level 130: Wisdom’s Edge
  • Level 140: Weight of Wisdom Backpack
  • Level 150: Sunbathing emote
  • Level 151 and above: S8 Deluxe Box

All the grand rewards mentioned above will be obtained upon purchasing the Booyah Pass. After purchasing the Booyah Pass, you can obtain all these rewards by increasing the level of your Booyah Pass using exp points.

Normal Rewards

If you are unable to purchase the Booyah Pass, you will not receive any grand rewards. The rewards given in the Free Pass are listed below.

  • Scanner.
  • Bounty Token.
  • Resupply Map.
  • Air drop.
  • Bon fire.
  • Banner.
  • Avatar.
  • Side pocket. 
  • Magic Cube Fragment.
  • Weapon Royale Voucher.
  • Diamond Royale Voucher.
  • Gold Royale Voucher.
  • Gold Coin.
  • Pet Food.
  • Exp Card.
  • Gun skin.

If you purchase the grand rewards mentioned above, you will receive them upon purchasing the Booyah Pass. After purchasing the Booyah Pass, you can increase its level with exp points and receive all these rewards.

If you cannot purchase the Booyah Pass, you will not receive any of the grand rewards.

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How to get the Booyah Pass?

There are some simple steps that you can follow to purchase the Booyah Pass for free fire max.

  1. Open Free Fire Max.
  2. Go to the Booyah Pass section.
  3. Click on the Upgrade option.
  4. Select either the Premium or Premium Plus plan.
  5. Make the payment with diamonds and receive the Booyah Pass.

There will be two options available to purchase the Booyah pass, one is the premium plan and the other is the premium plus plan. If you buy the Booyah pass with the premium plan, you can receive all the rewards available up to level 150 upon levelling up.

If you buy the Booyah pass with the premium plus plan, all 50 levels will be automatically completed and you can receive rewards up to level 200.

So, some leaked information regarding the August month Booyah pass of Free Fire Max suggests that this August be the upcoming Booyah pass. However, if game developers make any changes, there August be changes in the August month Booyah pass. For now, the rewards mentioned above will be available in the upcoming Booyah pass.

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