Exciting New Events Coming to Free Fire Max

The developers of Free Fire Max have some thrilling new events lined up for players. In this post, we will provide you with all the details about the recently launched “Play And Win” mission, as well as the upcoming events featuring the “Faded Wheels” and “Ring Event.” Read on to know more about these exciting additions to the game!

Play And Win Mission

The “Play And Win” mission introduces a fun gaming challenge for players. By participating in this mission, you can earn rewards based on the number of games you play:

  • 1 game played: 500 Gold Coins
  • 4 games played: Secret Clue
  • 9 games played: Gun Box

Additionally, Free Fire Max is introducing a new gun skin called “AN94 – Bliss Popper.” This skin enhances the gun’s range and magazine size but reduces movement speed. Players will also be rewarded with exclusive hair and parachute skins.

Ring Event

Free Fire Max developers are gearing up to launch the “Ring Event” in a few days, featuring new Scar gun skins. The available skins include:

  • Scar – Ultimate Titan: Increased damage and rate of fire, but a smaller magazine size.
  • Scar – The Beast: Enhanced damage, accuracy, and reload speed.
  • Scar – Interno: Improved damage, range, and reload speed.

Faded Wheel

A new “Faded Wheel” event is on the horizon, where players can unlock unique animations. The rewards in this Faded Wheel event include:

  • Achiever Steps Animation
  • Achiever Skyboard
  • Achiever Knife

Upcoming Ring Event: In the coming month, Free Fire Max will launch another Ring Event that includes exciting bundles and rewards:

Bunny Mastermind Bundle Bunny Captain Bundle Bunny Headman Bundle Gloowall Loot box Bike skin


We hope you find this information about the upcoming events in Free Fire Max exciting. Stay updated by enabling notifications on our website to stay informed about such developments. Get ready for action-packed gameplay and fantastic rewards in these new events!