Classy FF Free Fire Uid, Gameplay and Introduction 

Classy FF is a well-known Free Fire player from India, whose real name is Prashant Rajput. He hails from Uttarakhand and has gained immense popularity through his impressive gameplay and captivating YouTube videos. Let’s explore more about Classy FF, his Free Fire UID (440751607), and his achievements that make him a prominent figure in the Free Fire community.

Classy FF’s Gaming Experience

Classy FF is an accomplished Free Fire player, with over 4 to 5 years of experience in the game. His dedication and skills have helped him reach level 75 in Free Fire, garnering 35,464 likes on his profile. Classy FF’s Free Fire Uid is 440751607. Classy FF’s YouTube channel, “Classy,” has amassed a massive subscriber base of 18.4 lakhs, thanks to his Hindi commentary and captivating content. His videos, mainly featuring 1 vs 4 gameplay, have become immensely popular, earning him recognition as a pro player.

Personal Details of Classy FF

Prashant Rajput, widely known as Classy FF, is a 22-year-old residing in Uttarakhand. He embarked on his YouTube journey on January 17, 2017, and his Free Fire videos soon went viral, catapulting his channel to popularity.

Classy ff Free Fire Uid and Gameplay Profile

Classy FF Free Fire Uid

As the leader of the NXT guild, Classy FF continues to be a source of inspiration and entertainment for the Indian Free Fire community. His YouTube channel, “Classy,” has garnered a dedicated following, with Hindi commentary adding a unique touch to his gameplay videos.

Classy ff Solo Gameplay Profile

Classy ff has played a total of 510 full map solo games so far, out of which they have won 40 games and eliminated a total of 1003 players.

Games 519
Wins 40
Top 10 168
Headshot 353
Headshot rate 35.19%
K/D 2.09

Classy ff Duo Gameplay Profile

Classy FF Free Fire gameplay

They have also played a total of 1795 full map duo games, in which they have won 228 games and eliminated a total of 5922 players.

Games 1795
Wins 228
Top 5489
Headshot 2794
Headshot rate 47.18%
K/D 3.78

Classy ff Squad Gameplay Profile

Furthermore, they have played a total of 8761 full map squad games, in which they have won 1691 games and eliminated a total of 35265 players.

Games 8761
Wins 1691
Top 32625
Headshot 19480
Headshot rate 55.24%
K/D 4.99


Classy FF’s gaming expertise, engineering skills, and impressive video collection have made him a standout Free Fire player. His videos not only entertain but also motivate others to enhance their gaming prowess. As a result, he has become an inspirational figure for fellow Free Fire enthusiasts, making him a prominent presence in the Indian Free Fire gaming community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Classy FF’s Free Fire UID?

FF’s Free Fire UID is 440751607.