Best passive character skills combination with Wukong character

If you are a Free Fire player, you must know that currently, many players are overusing the Wukong character’s abilities. This character is very famous in both CS and BR modes. We are going to tell you about the best 3 passive character abilities with this character. In this post, we will talk about the ability of the Wukong character and 3 passive character abilities with it, which will make a good skill combination.

best character skill combination with wukong character

In this post, we have talked about the skill combination of Wukong character, in which you have to combine the ability of Wukong character and the ability of 3 passive characters. First, we will learn about the abilities of the Wukong character and then we will explain in detail about the passive skills.

Wukong Character’s Ability

The main ability of the Wukong character is “Camouflage“. When a player uses this ability, he can transform into grass and hide his identity. This grass lasts for 15 seconds. This character’s ability has a cooldown of 200 seconds (3 minutes 20 seconds). One special thing is that if you knock down a player, you can use the camouflage ability again. So, because of this ability players are using it mostly.

Now we will tell you about the best passive character skill combination with this character.

For Rush Gameplay: Wukong + Ford + Luna + J.Biebs

If you are a Rusher player, then you should use the following character skill combinations for this.

Iron Will (Ford): Using the Ford character’s “Iron Will” ability will cause the character to recover 10 HP for a second whenever the character takes any damage. This recovery lasts for 3 seconds i.e. a total of 30 HP will be recovered.

Fight and Flight (Luna): Using the Luna character’s “Fight and Flight” ability increases its rate of fire by 8% and movement speed by 15% whenever the character deals damage to a player. It helps the player to attack better and faster.

Silent Sentinel (J.Biebs): When using the J.Biebs character’s “Silent Sentinel” ability, the character takes 12% less damage while he has EP (Energy Points). This ability helps the user maintain durability for a longer period of time.

These character combinations can help you command and give freedom in a rusher playstyle. HP recover from Ford’s Iron Will ability, fast movement from Luna’s fight and flight ability, and low damage from Jay Beebs’ Silent Sentinel ability give you a strong rusher combination.

Support Combination: Wukong + Kelly + Leon+ Nairi

If you are a support player and support your teammates then this character combination will be best for you.

Deadly Velocity (Kelly): Using the Kelly character’s “Deadly Velocity” ability, increases your character’s sprint speed by 6%. This skill is going to be used more by pro-level players as this ability also increases movement speed significantly.

Buzzer Beater (Leon): When a player uses the Leon character’s “Buzzer Beater” ability and the character takes damage, the Buzzer Beater passive skill recovers 3 HP per second. This skill recovers up to 60 total HP of your character. It helps the user to maintain durability and support for a longer period of time.

Ice Iron (Nairi): When a player uses the Nairi character’s “Ice Iron” ability and casts Gluewall, the damage the anime takes on Gluewall is reduced by 35%. If you deal damage to the glue wall of the anime, it takes 50% more damage. This character helps to provide more support to your team in aggressive situations against enemies.

This combination can give you a strong support style to support teammates, giving them increased movement speed and aiding their durability.

It was some passive skill that you can use with Wukong character to have good gameplay.