App Pakistan Free Fire Download (apppakistan diamond hack)

Free Fire is a game that is played the most in all countries. Free Fire has several servers, which are created for different countries or by combining some countries. For example, there are separate servers for India and Brazil; similarly, Pakistan also has its own server.

Different Free Fire servers offer different rewards for players in each country. Not too long ago, all normal players on Pakistan’s Free Fire server were given a V Badge. This has led players from various servers to want to play on Pakistan’s Free Fire server, and they are searching for it on Google using the term “App Pakistan Free Fire.”

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If you want to download and play Free Fire on Pakistan’s server, read this post to the end. This post provides detailed information on how to download and play Pakistan Server Free Fire.

App Pakistan Free Fire Download

App NameApp Pakistan Free Fire
Download Size66MB + 350MB
Required OsAndroid 5.0 and Up

If you reside in a country other than Pakistan, you will need a VPN to download App Pakistan Free Fire. You can download any VPN from the Google Play Store.

To download App Pakistan Free Fire, follow these steps:

  1. Download any VPN on your device.
  2. In the VPN, select Pakistan as the server.
  3. Open any web browser and search for ‘Free Fire Apk And OBB File Pakistan.’
  4. A list of websites will appear; open one of them.
  5. Download the Free Fire Apk and OBB files from the opened website.
  6. After both files are downloaded, open Free Fire (make sure the VPN is active).
  7. Log in with a guest ID.

The steps above will allow you to download App Pakistan Free Fire on your device and access all the rewards available on that server.

Should You Download App Pakistan Free Fire?

It’s important to note that if you reside in Pakistan, you can download it directly from the Google Play Store. However, if you are in another country, you will need to use a VPN to download it.

If you are only downloading Free Fire from another server for testing purposes, you can do so. But to download Free Fire from a different server, you will need to go to third-party websites, which could expose your device to potential viruses. Therefore, we do not recommend downloading App Pakistan Free Fire. It’s safer to play Free Fire on the server of your own country and enjoy the game.


We hope you found our post about App Pakistan Free Fire informative. If you’re interested in updates about games like Free Fire, be sure to visit our website. Thank you for reading this post to the end.


What is App Pakistan Free Fire?

Free Fire Pakistan Server is known to players as App Pakistan Free Fire. Free Fire has multiple servers, including one dedicated to Pakistan. Players from other servers want to download and play Free Fire on the Pakistan server because, some time ago, all players on the Pakistan server were given a V Badge for free.