Amitbhai Free Fire ID, income, and more

 Amitbhai Free Fire ID number is 206746194. Amitbhai is a Free Fire player and a famous YouTuber. The name of his YouTube channel is Desi Gamers. He uploads his Free Fire content on this channel.

Introduction of AmitBhai

Amitbhai, also known as Amit Sharma, is a highly popular Indian Free Fire content creator. At 24 years old, he hails from West Bengal. Amitbhai holds a degree in Arts and resides with his family. Notably, he recently had a dedicated gaming room constructed.

Following his graduation, Amitbhai used to work in the private sector. However, after achieving success on his YouTube channel, he decided to leave his job.

Amit Bhai’s Gun Challenge videos have garnered significant acclaim from his audience.

His primary YouTube channel, Desi Gamers, predominantly features Free Fire videos, along with occasional live streams. Additionally, Sharma manages two other YouTube channels named Desi Army and Desi Gamers Esports.

Desi Army is dedicated to uploading live streams and other gaming videos, while Amit Sharma’s YouTube channel focuses on vlogs.

Amit Bhai’s primary channel, Desi Gamers, boasts an impressive subscriber count of 12.4 million (1.24 crore). Desi Army has amassed 3.38 million (33.8 lakh) subscribers, while Amit Sharma’s channel has 400,000 (4 lakh) subscribers.

Amitbhai’s Free Fire ID Number and Gameplay:

Amitbhai’s Free Fire ID number is 206746194, and he has achieved level 75 in the game. You can view Amitbhai’s Free Fire profile below.

Amitbhai particularly enjoys full-map squad games. You can check out his squad gameplay profile as well.

So far, Amitbhai has played 9078 full-map squad games, out of which he has emerged victorious in 2581 matches. Throughout these matches, he has eliminated 24485 enemies.


In squad games, Amitbhai maintains an impressive K/D ratio of 3.71.

His highest kill count in a squad game stands at an impressive 23.

Amitbhai has showcased his accuracy with 4768 headshots in squad games.

With a top-3 rate of 39.67, Amitbhai frequently secures a spot among the top players in squad matches.

On average, Amitbhai survives for an impressive duration of 9 minutes and 28 seconds in full-map squad games.

Top 33810
Top 3 Rate39.92%
K/D Ratio3.82
AVG Survival time9 minutes 31 seconds
Most Eliminations24
AVG Damage1246
Headshots Rate20.28%

Amitbhai’s Full Map Duo Gameplay

 In Duo gameplay, Amitbhai has participated in 4943 full-map games, achieving victory in 818 of them. Throughout these matches, he has eliminated a total of 13,486 enemies.

Amitbhai maintains an impressive K/D ratio of 3.27 in Duo gameplay.

His highest kill count in a Duo game is 21, showcasing his exceptional skills.

Amitbhai has displayed precise aim by securing 2726 headshot kills in Duo gameplay.

With a top 5 rate of 35.57, Amitbhai frequently secures a place among the top players in Duo matches.

On average, Amitbhai survives for an impressive duration of 9 minutes and 17 seconds in full-map Duo gameplay.

Top 5682
Top 5 Rate37.50%
K/D Ratio4.59
AVG Survival time8 minutes 4 seconds
Most Eliminations27
AVG Damage1524
Headshots Rate34.51%

Amitbhai’s Full Map Solo Gameplay

In solo gameplay, Amitbhai has participated in a total of 3813 full-map games, emerging victorious in 316 of them. Throughout these matches, he has eliminated a total of 8966 enemies.

Amitbhai exhibits an impressive headshot rate of 25.38% in solo gameplay, showcasing his accuracy and precision.

His K/D ratio in solo gameplay stands at 2.56, highlighting his proficiency in eliminating opponents while maintaining a good survival rate.

Amitbhai’s highest kill count in a solo game is an impressive 38, demonstrating his ability to dominate the battlefield.

In solo gameplay, Amitbhai has landed 2776 headshots, further exemplifying his precise aim.

With a top 10 rate of 31.58, Amitbhai frequently secures a place among the top players in solo matches.

On average, Amitbhai survives for 8 minutes and 8 seconds in full-map solo gameplay, showcasing his skilful gameplay and strategic approach.

Amitbhai Personal Information

Amitbhai’s Income

YouTubers, including Amitbhai, earn money through Google Ads, and their income varies monthly based on YouTube’s terms and conditions. Additionally, their earnings are influenced by the number of views their videos receive. If a video garners more views, it generates higher revenue compared to other videos.

Regarding Amitbhai’s earnings, he comfortably earns between 5 to 6 lakh rupees per month from his channel, Desi Gamers. Similarly, Amitbhai also generates income from the Desi Army YouTube channel.

Amitbhai’s Phone Number

It’s important to note that YouTubers and prominent individuals do not share their personal mobile numbers with the general public. Their personal numbers are typically limited to family and close friends.

As for Amitbhai’s phone number, we cannot disclose it due to the potential misuse by malicious individuals. Sharing personal information is a crime, so we won’t provide the number. However, if you have an important matter to discuss with Amitbhai, you can try reaching out to him through social media platforms like Instagram.

Keep in mind that Amitbhai receives thousands of messages on Instagram every day, so getting a reply might be challenging. If you don’t receive a response there, you can try obtaining Amitbhai’s mobile number through his relatives or friends.

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